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Scovery Ecosystem

A solid support network providing a synergy of expertise, exclusive contacts, and collaborative Resources for enhanced performance and growth.

A global competitiveness cluster, Systematic Paris-Region brings together and drives a 900-member ecosystem of excellence, dedicated to Deep Tech as well as to major economic and societal challenges.

Wacano develops coaching programs, a work environment and a community of peers for entrepreneurs.

Clusif is the leading association for digital security in France. Its mission is to promote the exchange of ideas and feedback through working groups, conferences and publications. It unites all sectors of the economy around cybersecurity and digital confidence.

Numeum is the union and professional organization of the digital ecosystem in France. It represents digital services companies (ESN), software publishers, platforms and Engineering and Technology Consulting (ICT) companies. Numeum brings together over 2,500 member companies, which account for 85% of the sector’s total sales.

DND’s primary ambition is to guide society through internet power centralization challenges, focusing on digital sovereignty and shaping a “third digital path” for European businesses and policymakers. DND strives to create an enlightened, European, and humanistic internet, clarifying complex digital challenges and developments. It is committed to developing actionable strategies for digital transformation, balancing innovation with regulation.