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Monitoring your cybersecurity posture

External attack surface discovery

Our advanced algorithms swiftly map your digital perimeter, from IP addresses to domain names and sub-domains, with minimal error. Continuously updated, you always know your digital assets and attack surface.

Vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and security gaps identification and remediation

We not only detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses but also highlight the absence of cybersecurity mechanisms. Following identification, we provide targeted, actionable recommendations for effective remediation.

Company cyberscore management

Our cyberscore module allows you to take control of your enterprise’s cybersecurity external posture. With continuous updates and comprehensive metrics, you can pilot the cyberscore of your enterprise and its cybersecurity posture with unparalleled ease. Make evidence-based decisions to implement corrective actions, allocate resources more efficiently, and prioritize tasks that have a direct impact on your cybersecurity.

Major vulnerabilities exposure alerting

Our system doesn’t just score; it alerts. Receive immediate notifications if there’s a major cybersecurity threat affecting any of your perimeter exposed. This proactive approach allows you to take swift action to mitigate risks, rather than reacting to a crisis.