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Affectio societatis and Company Mission

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  • Independent agency Based in EU and Independent
    of service providers
  • Shared
    Transparency & Reliability: Assurance of Trust
  • Continuous monitoring Shift from Snapshot Assessment to Real-Time Monitoring
  • Millions
    of companies
    Cutting-Edge Industrial Scoring Solution Based on Technical Facts
Affectio societatis

Who are we?

With over two decades of individual experience in the cybersecurity ecosystem—encompassing policy, governance, risk analysis, intrusion testing, and incident response—our founders, Alexandre, Jérôme, Stéphane, and Thomas, have played significant roles in the initiation and growth of several influential enterprises, including XP Conseil, LEXSI, ARSeO, Orange Cyber Defense, Telindus, and ATOS Digital Security.

Their professional journeys have been instrumental in shaping our diverse, yet complementary, expertise and solidifying our core convictions.

Company Mission

Our values

Independence, Transparency, Performance

At Scovery, we are committed to fostering a trusted dynamic within the economic world by providing continuous, independent, and transparent cybersecurity assessment that are both objective and reliable.

Our task is to consolidate, within a European platform, an assessment approach shared with cybersecurity professionals, and the latest technological advances. This effort is to independently provide a synthetic assessment of a company’s cybersecurity posture of as many as possible.


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