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Insurers, Reinsurers, and Cyber Insurance Brokers

In a market that demands precision and rapid adaptation, Scovery’s industrial cyber-scoring technology offers a sophisticated toolset designed explicitly for insurers, reinsurers, and insurance brokers.

  • Understand your customers maturity

    Benchmark clusters or industry players, by nature, category, performance

  • Integrate thresholds into contractual clauses

    Get industry data for statistic modeling and risk protection

  • Track your client portfolio cyberscores

    Get continuous watch on your customers changes in ratings

Our offerings bridge the gap between traditional approaches and modern needs, providing a wealth of benefits that range from optimized risk modeling to robust client support. 

Optimizing insurance product development

Our technology, partly driven by advanced AI algorithms, provides an unparalleled base for creating and refining risk models. It ensures you can offer differentiated products with dynamic pricing and premium adjustments, enhancing your portfolio’s attractiveness. Moreover, our rapid, yet cost-effective, analysis tools enable quicker decision-making, which is crucial for adjusting premiums and contract terms.

Strengthening client support

We offer actionable insights for your clients, aiming to improve their cybersecurity posture. These tailor-made recommendations not only minimize risk but also serve to strengthen your client relationships by adding value beyond the contract.

Enhancing Risk Management

When it comes to risk allocation, you’re no longer confined to static reports and estimates. Our cyber-scoring solution provide real-time assessments, either for individual policies or entire portfolios.

Assisting in compliance and boosting transparency

Navigating today’s complex regulatory landscape is challenging, but Scovery’s solutions are designed to assist in making this task more manageable. We provide information that help you align with strict risk evaluation requirements, thereby facilitating the compliance process. In parallel, our open approach to data and scoring elevates transparency. This dual strategy not only aids in meeting regulatory demands but also fortifies your market position by enhancing trust with both clients and regulatory bodies.

Facilitating long-term contract management

Our tools enable a constant vigilance over the cybersecurity aspects of your existing contracts. This continuous monitoring allows for real-time adjustments, assuring both parties in the contract stay aligned with evolving cybersecurity norms.