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In the complex world of investment and asset management, risk assessment is crucial. Scovery’s specialized cyber-scoring services offer a streamlined, affordable, and data-driven alternative to traditional risk audits.

  • Get immediate cyber assessments

    Secure screening green-lights and binding decisions

  • Understand your portfolio's weaknesses

    Increase your support for your investment portfolio at marginal cost

  • Benchmark your portfolio’ companies

    Position your investments to ensure the best possible exit-value

Enhanced investment decision-making  

Seamlessly incorporate Scovery’s cyberscores into your investment process to support daily decisions, guide investment choices, or assess mergers and acquisitions.  

Get a comprehensive view of your investment cyber-risks  

Conducting traditional risk assessments and audits often leads to escalating costs. Scovery’s cyber-scoring solutions deliver immediate scores in a cost-effective way. The SaaS approach deepen early-steps due-diligence processes and enable in-depth audits prioritization according to current companies scores. 

Set continuous investment’ portfolios performances monitoring  

Integrate key performance indicators (KPIs) into your investment strategies and terms to secure your consistent target achievements.  

  • Ongoing Monitoring: Our cyberscores are regularly updated, allowing you to track your investment performance in a dynamic way.  
  • Dynamic Improvement Platform: Ensure continuous security enhancement to preserve and elevate your investments.  
  • Real-Time alerts: Inform and give insights to your portfolio companies’ executives of potential risk on cybersecurity side.  
  • Historical Tracking: Utilize score history to observe improvements in your investments over time.  
  • Comparative Analysis: Compare your investments side-by-side to refine your investment strategy. 

Benefit from a comprehensive reporting and compliance framework  

Our detailed reports not only meet the most stringent investor requirements but also add an additional qualitative layer to your portfolio assessments. 

Use scores as marketing materials for other investors  

Utilize Scovery to compare your investments scores with industry averages, providing a competitive edge when communicating the quality of your investments portfolio to future phases investors and potential backers. 

Anticipate market trends and investment opportunity 

Leverage our predictive analytics, anticipate market trends and investment opportunities to gain a strategic advantage on the cyber-side.