The European Cyber Scoring Agency

Immediate access to continuous cybersecurity risk assessments of any company

  • Independent agency Based in EU and Independent
    of service providers
  • Shared
    Transparency & Reliability: Assurance of Trust
  • Continuous monitoring Shift from Snapshot Assessment to Real-Time Monitoring
  • Millions
    of companies
    Cutting-Edge Industrial Scoring Solution Based on Technical Facts
  • Investors Integrate cybersecurity risks into your investment decisions Learn more
  • Corporates Assess your vendors and improve your cybersecurity posture Learn more
  • Insurers Manage your portfolio cybersecurity risks Learn more
Industry Benchmark

Secure your decision makings

Integrate cyber assessment into your day-to-day decision-making (sourcing, purchasing, investments, projects…) and position your targets with regard to the performance of a selected cluster or industry.

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Third-Party Risk Management

Track your portfolios

Optimize and secure your asset portfolios, such as vendors, partners, and investments, and strengthen permanent control with our advanced cyberscoring solutions specifically designed to continuously evaluate their cyber risks.

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Pilot your Cyberscore

Strengthen your cyber posture and control with our SaaS platform your attack surface: mapping of exposed assets, vulnerability identification, benchmarks, dynamic cyber score management.

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