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Cyber-Scoring Corporate Solution

Scovery delivers high-value cyber-scoring solution that provide an immediate view of cybersecurity risks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional audits and risk assessments. Leveraging industrial-grade technology, we offer a service tailored to the modern needs of corporates.

  • Get immediate cyber assessments

    At a fraction of the cost of an audit

  • Manage your External Cyber Risks

    Discover your attack surface and remediate your vulnerabilites

  • Manage your providers and third-party risks

    Get a consolidate view of your portfolios

Pilot your Company’s cyber posture with informed decisions

Based on the automatic discovery of your attack surface and the identification of vulnerabilities we provide, our analytics enable you to:

  • Regain control of your external perimeter and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Define and monitor the application of your security policies
  • Track the effectiveness of your efforts and investments through the evolution of your cyberscore
  • Benchmark your cyberscore with others companies and sectors
  • Tailor communications for internal levels or stakeholders, including investors and clients
  • Optimize negotiations for cyber-insurance policies

Learn more about our External Attack Surface Discovery and Vulnerability Identification features.

Efficiently manage Third-Party Risk

According to Gartner, third-party related attacks are on the rise, with 60% of organizations set to use cybersecurity risk as a primary determining factor in conducting transactions and engagements with third parties by 2025.

Scovery provides corporations with the tools to manage theses ecosystem cyber risks, including subsidiaries, suppliers and partners. Key features include:

  • Creating multiple thematics companies portfolios (subsidiaries, partners, etc.)
  • Instant third-party cyberscore access
  • Alerts for major threats impacting your third parties
  • Cyberscores history for trend analysis
  • Industry comparisons via our benchmarking application

Learn more about our Third-Party Risk Management functionalities.