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Industry Benchmarking

Custom portfolios creation 

Initiate as many portfolios as you need to manage different categories of assets. Whether it’s a portfolio for potential acquisitions, another for ongoing partnerships, or a special one for high-risk vendors, our system allows you to keep everything organized and easily accessible. 


With over million companies available in our database, gain unparalleled insights through our dedicated benchmarking functionalities. This allows you to compare an entity’s cyberscore against industry averages or specific competitors, giving you yet another layer of depth in your risk assessment. 

Industry sampling and custom views 

We enable you to generate portfolios that are representative of a sector or business segment, and to establish up-to-date cyber-security benchmarks. An evolving set of criteria enables you to create customized filters and sorts to match your searches as closely as possible (bests/worst performers, by industry, by segment, by structure…).  

Industry specific insight’s 

 Our system offers a comparative analysis of identified vulnerabilities within a given sector or segment. This feature provides a better understanding of the characteristics of a given sector or portfolio. 

Timeline and trends

Understanding the past allows us to anticipate the future. Our platform offers the possibility of viewing the cyberscore history of a given portfolio, entity or selection, to visualize movements and trends over time. This function is invaluable for tracking improvements or détériorations of performance and making informed decisions accordingly.